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Inside the Episode: Life Matters

Brian Buckner

True Blood showrunner, Brian Buckner takes you inside this past week’s episode Life Matters  to discuss everything from his views on Terry having a military funeral, Sookie’s growth and even to shed some insight into Eric’s desire to leave.

True Blood Season 6 "Life Matters"

True Blood Season 6 “Life Matters”

Last week’s episode centered around two major story lines. The first was the funeral for beloved Bon Temps native, Terry Bellefleur. In a beautiful tribute, the townspeople of Bon Temps gather to recall fond memories ranging from Sam’s first time meeting Terry, Lafayette teaching Terry on his first night at Merlotte’s and Sookie revealing that Terry fell in love with Arlene from the moment he met her. In a surprise twist, a long time show extra, Big John stepped from the shadows to dedicate a beautiful song to Terry. Despite the massive debate within the fandom, this scene was beautifully paired up with Jason’s struggle over how to handle Sarah Newlin.

Despite all she’s done, he finds that he cannot live with himself should he pull the trigger.  Ultimately, he realizes the moral of the episode, which is every life matters..

True Blood Season 6 "Life Matters" - Eric Northman and Steve Newlin

True Blood Season 6 “Life Matters” – Eric Northman and Steve Newlin


As the town’s people gather to not only say goodbye and share fond memories of their fallen friend, the vampires find themselves nearing their final moments on this Earth. Fortunately for them, a determined Bill nearly sacrifices himself to save them all. However, this episode featured the final moments of fan favorite, Steve Newlin. Despite all the awful things he did as a human or his constant habit of selling others out in order to protect himself, Steve is forced into the sunlight by a vengeful Eric. Fans were saddened and confused in the final moments of the episodes as Eric takes off to the sky without a word.

Where did Eric go? What was so special about featuring a military funeral? You can view Brian Buckner’s thoughts about these scenes and more below:


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