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True Blood Season 6 “In The Evening ” – Alcide & Jackson Clip “Too Little Too Late”

True Blood Season 6 "In The Evening" - Alcide Herveaux & Jackson Herveaux

True Blood Season 6 “In The Evening” – Alcide Herveaux & Jackson Herveaux

Alcide clearly has daddy issues and it’s quite the shame because Jackson Herveaux has seemingly become a voice of reason among the chaos that is the Shreveport Pack. Like Martha, Jackson has several years of experience as a pack member and for one point in time, he was even Packmaster of the Jackson Pack. However, Alcide is torn between what he believes is right and his duties and responsibilities to the Pack. Ultimately, it’s a shame, because until he gets those werebitches under control, he’s going to keep bouncing from one extreme to the other.

Hopefully we aren’t bidding farewell to Jackson for good, but when it comes to Alcide, it’s clear he’s not going to be choosing the simpler life any time soon.

True Blood‘s all new episode In The Evening airs July 28 at 9 pm EST on HBO.


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