True Blood Fan Panel


As we delve deeper into True Blood Season 6, a lot of questions, concerns and confusion has spread across the fandom. Between character assassinations and continuous continuity issues, sometimes keeping up with the world of True Blood is difficult. In order to not only clear the air, but help voice the opinions of the fandom, @DarlingSookie (Team Sookie) and @VampKingBill (Team Bill) will be hosting a special episode of True Bites on Monday night. Joining them for this special episode is Erica from Eric and Sookie Lovers (Team Eric) and the creator behind Fuck Yeah! Joe Manganiello (Team Alcide), each of which will be representing their specific team in this panel.

Now, comes a chance for you as Truebies to get your opinions or questions answered by some of the fandoms most dedicated Truebies.

Wondering if you are the only Truebie who thinks Alcide’s been an ass this season? Or finding yourself strangely liking the path Bill has taken since Season 1, after despising him for so many years? Or perhaps you just want to put in your two cents about whether or not Eric and Sookie truly belong together? Whatever it is you would like us to discuss, here’s your chance.

Submit your questions/concerns/topic ideas that you would like covered below and this panel will set to work on clearer the air Monday night. Though there are only representatives for four of the teams, any questions or topics about other characters are greatly welcomed and will be up for discussion as well. If you would like to call in with a question, please DM @DarlingSookie by Monday morning.

Episode Details:

Show Link: True Blood Fan Panel

Time: 9 pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific


4 comments on “True Blood Fan Panel

  1. My question/query for all of you would be as you know I’m a jessica lover and roleplayer and would like to ask you all ifyou think the sl’s with Jess/Deborah are getting more predicted now? And would you change any of the way some of the way this season is going if you could for any character? Thanks!

  2. Everybody says Alcide should go back to being all nice guy but I thought he was way too restrained when dealing with his crazy pack that ignored his orders. Should he show more of his fangs when dealing with them?

  3. Ok what ever happened to time passing faster in fairyland than it does in realtime – how the heck can they leave Sookie and Warlow in the fairyland for longer than 2 years realtime yet have Sookie go back to Arlene as if no time has passed at all. This factor really annoyed me as it shows the continuity is all out of whack. Someone slap the writers because they totally cocked it up.

    • Technically, Sookie and Warlow are not in fairyland. They are in the cemetery, which like the fairy club, exists in between the different dimensions. Time never jumped like that when she or Bill visited that version of the cemetery. Only when she went to the actual faeryland. However, faerie canon on this show has flip flopped so much, I completely understand being frustrated.

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