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True Blood Season 6 “In the Evening” Promo

True Blood "In the Evening" - Eric Northman & Nora Gainsborough

True Blood “In the Evening” – Eric Northman & Nora Gainsborough

In last week’s episode of True Blood, things began to come to a head and in Governor Burrell’s case, quite literally. With many of the vamps still trapped in vamp camp and Terry’s untimely demise shaking up the Bon Temps community, this week’s episode entitled In the Evening, things begin to look bleak for many of our favorite characters.

Eric tries to save an ailing Nora; Sam ignores Alcide’s warning and returns to Bon Temps; Jessica shows her gratitude to James; Sarah exacts a measure of revenge on Jason.

Still in vamp camp, Eric and Willa part ways as he tasks her with warning Pam and the rest about the infected Tru: Blood and he makes his way out of the camp. After being infected with Hep-V, Nora’s existence hangs in the balance as Eric turns to Bill for help in healing her. Upon finding Governor Burrell’s head, Sarah devises a rouse to keep his death quite from the public and plots a way to get revenge on Jason. Meanwhile, the folks of Bon Temps are shaken to the core by Terry’s murder and Sam even risks his own life to return for the funeral.

I came to help ya. I’m gonna getcha out of here. ~ Jason Stackhouse

No one can know Truman’s gone.  ~ Sarah Newlin

They’re gonna start giving us Tru:Blood, but you cannot drink it. There’s Hep-V in it. ~ Willa Burrell

Are you excited for the upcoming episode of True BloodIn the Evening premieres Sunday, July 28 at 9 pm Eastern on HBO.

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