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Inside the Episode: F*** the Pain Away

Michael Ruscio

True Blood director, Michael Ruscio and writer, Angela Robinson return to take you inside this past week’s episode F*** the Pain Away. What’s on their minds this episode: Ben/Warlow and Bill, Sarah Newlin’s great desire and of course to officially welcome you to vamp camp.

True Blood Season 6 "F*** the Pain Away" - Bill Compton & Ben Flynn aka Warlow

True Blood Season 6 “F*** the Pain Away” – Bill Compton & Ben Flynn aka Warlow

Armed with her faery ball of light, Sookie forces Ben (aka Warlow) to answer the question that has been haunting her since last season: Why did Warlow kill her parents? Of course, no good scene where Sookie is half-naked with another man is complete without Bill interrupting the festivities. However, she’s more than surprised to discover it is not her, but Ben he’s come for. As director Michael Ruscio explain, Bill’s discovered that what he wants to be is Warlow. Still determined to manifest a way to walk in the daylight, he wastes no time in procuring a sample of Warlow’s blood for Professor Takahashi to analyze and hopefully duplicate.

Meanwhile, the viewers are given insight to Warlow’s past from the night he met Lilith and was turned to the night he returned to his faery home and slaughtered the entire village. All in all, these insights, as well as the truth Sookie uncovers about her parents, Warlow is starting to come off as not such a bad guy. But then again, this is True Blood and looks can be deceiving. 

True Blood Season 6 "F*** the Pain Away" - Sarah Newlin

True Blood Season 6 “F*** the Pain Away” – Sarah Newlin

The long awaited reunion between Jason Stackhouse and Sarah Newlin finally came to pass in last week’s episode, as a scorned Sarah turned to Jason for what he does best. Writer of last week’s episode, Angela Robinson discusses how Ryan Kwanten really hones in on the line where Sarah says, “I’m not going to give up on you, Jason.” Too often Jason has felt cast aside and the most recent occurrence of this came with his own grandfather, Niall. Not gifted with the faery gene, Niall easily focuses primarily on Sookie and her well-being without any second thought to how it may have affected Jason. Pair that with the somewhat steamy (and hilarious) dream between Ben/Warlow and him and Sarah’s really caught Jason at a vulnerable time and he winds up sleeping with her to make himself feel better.

True Blood Season 6 "F*** the Pain Away" - Jessica Hamby & Tara Thornton

True Blood Season 6 “F*** the Pain Away” – Jessica Hamby & Tara Thornton

The final topic for discussion is Governor Truman Burrell’s vamp camp. After learning of Pam’s capture, Eric and Tara voluntarily allow themselves to be captured and taken to the camp. Of course, they are soon joined by baby vamp, Jessica after a scorned and disgusted Sarah Newlin reports her to the SWAT for showing up at Jason’s house. In a comparison to the popular series, The Hunger Games, the vamps find themselves being tested in several different ways. Eric, Tara and Jessica are put through a trial with other vamps, where only one vampire escapes from being shot. Meanwhile, Pam gets cozy with her own human donor after talking with a shrink about her feelings. 

You can view Michael Ruscio’s and Angela Robinson’s thoughts about these scenes and more below:




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