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Inside the Episode: At Last

Alexander Woo

True Blood writer, Alexander Woo returns to take you inside this past week’s episode At Last. The big topics for this episode: Ben is Warlow, Jessica kills Andy’s girls and Eric decides to turn Willa.

True Blood Season 6 "At Last" - Sookie Stackhouse & Ben Flynn (aka Warlow)

True Blood Season 6 “At Last” – Sookie Stackhouse & Ben Flynn (aka Warlow)

In this latest episode, Ben’s true identity is revealed as he “fangs out” and saves Jason. What’s most interesting about Alexander’s commentary on this is that it raises the question if Warlow is truly bad or like most of the characters on the show, is he a good shade of gray. Because let’s face it, he could have let the hospital tend to Jason’s concussed brain and he could have easily completely drained Niall. However, you have to wonder if he truly gets no pleasure in fae blood. Because as he’s feeding from Niall, he’s spitting it out into the tub.

Another thing that occurs with this revelation, is Sookie’s discovery of Ben (aka Warlow’s blood) in her home. Between that and Jason’s strange desire to use door frames to do pull-ups, she manages to put two and two together. However, she’s curious enough to set a trap and sets into play a series of events to catch Ben. Of course, this includes a lovely meal seasoned to perfection with colloidal silver. However, as things get hot and heavy, Sookie summons her magic into a faery ball of light, leaving us waiting until tonight’s episode to see what happens.

Grabbit Kwik Clerk

True Blood Season 6 “At Last” – Grabbit Kwik Clerk

Truebies were given a blast from the past in last week’s episode as we got to revisit Grabbit Kwik and meet the clerk of darkness who pretended to be a vampire in the first scene of True Blood series(Sorry, Alexander, the college kids and Grabbit Kwik were the first scene, not the second.) Of course, he proves to be just as creepy now as he hits on Andy’s newly transformed teenage daughters. However with a bit of glamouring, Jessica saves the girls from whatever perverted hijinks he had planned and procures them for Bill and professor Takahashi to try and reproduce their blood. Of course, things don’t go as planned as Jessica finds herself overwhelmed by their scent and proceeds to feed from them all, leaving everyone saying, “Poor Andy.”

True Blood Season 6 "At Last" - Eric Northman & Willa Burrell

True Blood Season 6 “At Last” – Eric Northman & Willa Burrell

Alexander also dives into one of the seasons most controversial couplings: Eric & Willa. Why is this such a hot topic in the Truebie world? A few reasons standout. For one, Eric has always been known as an extremely devious and strategic vampire who always has at least ten steps planned out in advance for every move he makes. This is proven best as he fails to glamour Governor Burrell and then proceeds to kidnap his daughter, Willa instead. However, twice now, we’ve had someone from behind the scenes express that Eric sees more in Willa than what is actually being shown on screen. For example: last week’s coffin scene what some saw as an “erotic scene”, others saw as Eric merely tolerating a chatty Willa who wouldn’t shut up. This week: some see Eric’s turning of Willa as “love”, while others see it for what it is, a smart move on his part to gain an edge on Governor Burrell.

Why is this smart? Because Governor Burrell is going to wind up doing one of three things with his daughter: He’s going to renounce his vampire hating ways and put an end to this whole “War Against the Vamps” (NEVER going to happen), he’s going to kill her, or he’s going to send her to camp, thus giving Eric a means for finding his way to foil the Governor’s testing of vampires. However, when Alexander Woo says he sees a good vampire in Willa after two days, you can’t help but roll your eyes. Because let’s face it: anyone who believes that telling the big scary vampire that their father is doing testing on vampires but you don’t know when or what exactly that they are doing, has proven that Pam was correct in saying to “Just kill the bitch, already.”

You can view Alexander Woo’s thoughts about these scenes and more below:


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