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Jessica’s Vlog: Vamping Up

Jess VLog 3

Everyone’s favorite baby vamp is back and she’s giving Truebies the inside scoop on what is going on in Bon Temps.

There’s something special about being tasked with a mission and with this newest edition to Jessica Hamby’s Vlog series, we get to see Jessica as she gets dressed to go seduce/kidnap Professor Takahashi. Believed to be the creator of Tru:Blood as well as an admirer of young girls, Professor Takahashi may be a valuable asset in Bill’s plan to save the vampires from Governor Burrell. Of course, as nervous and excited as she is, Jess is still visibly shaken by the vision Bill had of her, Eric, Pam and Tara burning.

Despite the fact vampires have the capabilities to survive for centuries, even millennium, they are not truly immortal. As it is said in the books that began this series, vampires become very possessive over their own existence. This is seen as Jessica tries to process the reality that she may be meeting the true death. Only time will tell if our favorite vampires will be able to escape from Burrell’s camp.


One comment on “Jessica’s Vlog: Vamping Up

  1. Oh Jessie! I love you so so much!

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