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Inside the Episode: You’re No Good

Howard Deutch

True Blood director, Howard Deutch takes you inside this past week’s episode You’re No Good. He discusses some of his favorite scenes from the episode, including the most erotic (in his opinion) as well as the most emotional one.

True Blood Season 6 "You're No Good" - Eric Northman

True Blood Season 6 “You’re No Good” – Eric Northman

Eric’s pursuit to get revenge on Governor Truman Burrell takes an odd twist as his daughter, Willa claims to have valuable information that she is willing to reveal freely. Of course, neither Pam nor Tara are pleased when Eric insists on dragging Willa along with them. As he tries to be dead for the day, chatty Kathy Willa decides it’s the perfect time to reveal her true backstory: Mama ran off with a vampire, Daddy’s power hungry and vengeful and poor sweet little Willa wants to be a fangbanger just like her Mama. For some reason this extremely comical scene (thanks to Alexander Skarsgard’s magnificent performance) is deemed Howard’s “Most Erotic Scene” to film. Someone please, stake the man.

True Blood Season 6 "You're No Good" - Jason Stackhouse & Sookie Stackhouse

True Blood Season 6 “You’re No Good” – Jason Stackhouse & Sookie Stackhouse

After several episodes of dealing with the image of their racists and annoying parents, Jason finally confides in Sookie exactly what has been going on with him. It’s nice to once again see the Stackhouse siblings have a heart to heart, even if it is to reveal the truth about how her parents felt about her. Meanwhile, there’s a lingering wonder about what exactly is wrong with Jason. Sure, he’s been knocked upside the head a few too many times, but is he going to follow the path of Luna and eventually meet his end?

True Blood Season 6 "You're No Good" - Bill Compton & Sookie Stackhouse

True Blood Season 6 “You’re No Good” – Bill Compton & Sookie Stackhouse

Howard also dives into one of the episode’s most interesting scenes: Bill and Sookie’s kitchen confrontation. On the surface, this may just seem like another spat between two ex-lovers. However, for fans of the show, things between these two run much deeper. After all the lies, betrayals and everything, this scene could possibly mark a major turning point in this couple’s relationship. Of course only time will tell what is in store for these two, however, when both parties claim the other is dead to them, a future together isn’t looking too bright.

You can view Howards’s thoughts about these scenes and more below:


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