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Jessica’s Vlog: S.O.S.

True Blood Season 6 - Jessica Hamby Vlog #2

True Blood Season 6 – Jessica Hamby Vlog #2

“No, I don’t care what color hair she has or if she has a third nipple.”

Scared and panicked from Bill’s condition in last week’s episode of True Blood Jessica uses her vlog to vent and process the situation at hand. Having been awakened from her daytime slumber by Bill’s screams. She’s completely at a lost for how to help her Maker, especially as he slips into a catatonic state.

With the sun up, there’s nowhere else for her to turn to than her webcam and she sends out a cry for help. Going through the possibilities, she wonders if perhaps Bill is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) like local war time veteran, Terry Bellefleur. Finally, she lands on the idea of trying to find a donor to feed Bill. After scrolling past a few establishments who are only open a few hours a night, she lands on Human Edibles.

And the rest is history..

Tune in for an all-new episode of True Blood You’re No Good tonight at 9 pm on HBO and expect a new Vlog from your baby vamp shortly afterwards.


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