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Inside the Episode: The Sun

True Blood Writer - Angela Robinson

True Blood Writer – Angela Robinson

True Blood writer, Angela Robinson takes you inside this past week’s episode The Sun. Setting the tone for this season, viewers begin to see the lines being drawn in the sand. Whether it’s between vampires and humans or shifters versus weres, a lot of emotional and physical battles will be raged this year and no body is walking out unscathed.

True Blood Season 6 "The Sun" - Eric Northman & Governor Burrell

True Blood Season 6 “The Sun” – Eric Northman & Governor Burrell

Eric, Pam and the rest of the vampires are becoming aware of the threat the humans now pose as Tara is shot with a silver bullet that emits UV light. Pushing the thousand year old viking vampire to infiltrate Governor Burrell’s estate and attempt to glamour away this war on vamps nonsense. Needless to say, his actions only further agitate the Governor’s plans and Eric gets a quick lesson in underestimating his prey.

True Blood Season 6 "The Sun" - Jessica Hamby & Bill Compton

True Blood Season 6 “The Sun” – Jessica Hamby & Bill Compton

One of the biggest themes of this season is finding oneself and the person struggling with this is none other than Bill, himself. In the aftermath of drinking all of Lilith’s blood, he (and Jessica) struggle to get a grasp on what is happening to him. This especially true as he become catatonic for the majority of the episode, leaving Jessica completely scared and alone while he has a riddle-filled conversation with none other than Lilith herself.

You can view Angela’s thoughts about these scenes and more below:


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