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Three Clips from the True Blood Season 6

Last night, TVLine released three clips from the upcoming season of True Blood that will help prepare Truebies for what’s to come.

In the first clip, we see the power duo, Pam and Eric arguing after it’s revealed exactly what Nora is to Eric. Outraged and feeling betrayed, Pam demands answers. However, you can’t help but wonder what else has Eric hidden from Pam?

View  the clip here: Eric Battles Humans and Pam

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The second clip that is released features: Sookie, Jessica, Eric, Nora and the new Bill. As they question what he is, you can’t help but notice the awe in Nora’s voice as she asks if Bill is Lilith. Perhaps she hasn’t turned away from her Sanguinista ways like she proclaimed last year?

View the clip here: What Are You, Bill?

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In the third clip released, our favorite fair haired heroine proves that she’s the type who can’t leave a wounded animal by the side of the road. Or in this case, a wounded half-fairy hunk named Ben. Though it’s convenient that he’s just there by the side of the road, we already know he and Sookie will be getting awfully close this season. What do you think? Is Ben to be trusted?

View the clip here: Sookie Finds Ben

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True Blood  returns 2 days and if these clips are an indication of what we have to expect, things are just getting started!


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