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True Blood Week

True Blood Week Header

True Blood Week is here and we are just six days from the premiere of True Blood Season 6, Truebies! Now, a lot of things have been promoted, released, etc. over the past few months. So today’s post is to help you navigate everything that is going on during True Blood Week as well as offer you a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed!

True Blood Week officially kicks off tonight as they show the first of the fan voted favorite episodes. Last week, Truebies were encouraged to vote on their favorite episodes from each season. Starting tonight at 10 pm on HBO 2, you can tune in to watch each of the winning episodes. The winning episodes are as follows:



Eric Sookie Kiss

First Time

Drunk Sookie

True Blood LiveOn Sunday, all of your favorite True Blood cast members will be answering fan questions. Starting at 9 am on June 16, several lucky fans will have the opportunity to have their questions on Twitter. This will be concluded at 8:45/7:45 pm CST as HBO will do a special pre-show event: Live From the Set  in which comedian Retta will be hosting as the cast members gather live from the set of Fangtasia! Steve Newlin actor, Michael McMillian will be hosting a special during the live event and Truebies can tweet with baby vamp, Jessica Hamby actress, Deborah Ann Wohl live during the premiere!

If you are looking for something to pass the time between now and the big day, you can check out the new True Blood game True Survivor. In this game, you get the chance to walk (or run) in Pam’s heels as she tries to outrun an angry mob of humans and avoid obstacles, such as silver chains, silver bullets, flaming tires and in the fourth level, try to outrun the rising sun.

True Survival

There’s lots of things to keep you busy while you wait and below are some links to the many ways you can catch up on all the latest True Blood news:


Vampires vs Humans

Authority on Season 5

Season 6 Promos

One Week

Battle Begins Clip

The Beginning of the End

Show Your Fangs

Season 6 Trailer

Bottle Preview

Waiting Sucks: Eric

Waiting Sucks: Alcide

Waiting Sucks: Jason

Season 6 Promo

Virtual Signing with Stephen Moyer and Kristin Bauer van Straten

Waiting suck, but there’s only six days until True Blood returns, so make waiting suck a little less and have fun doing ‘bad things’ during True Blood Week. The Season 6 premiere of True Blood will air at 9/8 pm CST  June 16 only on HBO and HBOGO.


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