Unhappily Ever After

dead-ever-after-by-charlaine-harris-cover-3_4_r560As many of you know by now, there are some BIG spoilers being leaked about the upcoming 13th and final book to the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Spoilers that have upset a TON of fans worldwide.

I’ve struggled with how to compose this with the style and grace I think Sookie would have approached this situation. So bare with me if it seems as if I’m holding my tongue at times. I might very well be..

**Spoilers ahead, if you don’t wish to read them, please don’t read.**

As spoilers have been released about the upcoming release of Dead Ever After I’ve found myself less and less enthused about the book. For one, having part of the book in someone else’s point of view, just reminds me of Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn. At least with that book, it was actually the first book written, where as for 12 books, we’ve lived from Sookie’s point of view and now Charlaine is going to change it up?

But that’s just a personal style choice. Not a huge gripe.

And then we come to the “Happily Ever After” portion..

I wish I could say that was the first sign this book was going to upset and disappoint a large portion of her fan base. But it wasn’t. That actually comes in Dead Reckoning when after being nothing but a sidelined character since book 5, Dead as a Doornail, Sam is suddenly rubbed in our faces for the first time.Yes, he’s been present throughout the entire series, but besides the date in Dead Ever After and the kiss Bill walked in on in Dead as a Doornail, he’s never really been a contender for Sookie’s heart.

Now… -deep breath-

I have always been a Team Sookie fan first and foremost. I loved the series because it was about strong, independent young woman who had a realistic (though sometimes naive) view of the world around her. Sookie Stackhouse is perfect in her imperfections.  I will forever love and cherish Sookie and I hope despite everything I can be more accepting of the final book, once I have read it.

But I will make my way to the end of this series with a very heavy heart.

For all of you fans who loved Sookie and more so, Sookie and Eric, I know you feel disappointed, let down, upset, outraged… etc. I just hope that you can find it in your hearts to take those feelings and find a creative way to channel them. Rewrite the last book, make up your own ending for Dead Ever After, or even, dare I suggest it: Make your own role play account and play out the story you want to see.

After all, a great Sookie once said “The world needs more Sookies.”


7 comments on “Unhappily Ever After

  1. I have been slammed for this many times and had comments that it will never happen but since Book 1 the only one I wanted Sookie with was Sam. it’s like the fuck marry kill game, you marry Sam everytime.

  2. You know, I was a little worried about what this big shocker ending was going to be…but seriously? I thought it was blindingly obvious from day one that Sam was going to be the one.

    • I’ve seen more spoilers since I even wrote this. Despite my best efforts, it’s like a train wreck, you can’t turn away.

      Some of the biggest pieces of shock come in the form of how they all make it to the ending. I did always have a sneaking feeling Sookie and Sam were Charlaine’s pick. Especially since Sookie has talked about wanting kids and never wanting to be turned.

      I always thought Sam could give her the babies she wanted, Bill would allow her to remain human and quite possibly would meet the sun the day she dies and Eric would turn her against her will.

      Out of respect for Charlaine and everyone else, I just don’t want to post the rest of the spoilers online. Because those are the ones that left me the most upset.

  3. Thanks for a frank response to all of this craziness.

    The world DOES need all the Sookies it can get. Thanks for not letting a happily never after kill yours.

    Much love from a Sookie in spirit.

  4. The world DOES need all the Sookies it can get. Kudos to you for not letting a happily never after kill yours.

    Much love from a Sookie in spirit.

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