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Inside True Blood Episode 50 ‘Authority Always Wins’

After Sunday’s fangtastic episode, HBO released their Inside the Episode special:

Go inside the episode with Director and writer of episode #50, Michael Lehmann and Mark Hudis.

They discuss the mystery and intrigue behind the Authority and how Bill and Eric know of the organization by name but not personally. They discuss the tiny details that were implemented in the scenes from the modern touch pad that scans Salome’s blood to the historic oil painting of Roman.

The fate of Emma is briefly touched upon as they laugh about how funny and adorable the wolf pup in pajamas truly was. While the scene itself was supposed to be a serious moment for Luna, the directors realized that the audience was going to find it to be a humorous one.

Last, but not least, they discuss Pam’s flashbacks to her human life as a Madame in a brothel in 1905. After years of being asked not only by the fans but also the actors, the writers have begun to divulge into the beginnings of Pam and Eric. From their first meeting and as promised for another episode, the moment Pam is turned.

Waiting for ten months surely sucked, but HBO has stepped up their game and certainly made it worth the wait! An all new True Blood epsiode What I Am, You Made Me airs Sunday night at 9/8 CST on HBO.


One comment on “Inside True Blood Episode 50 ‘Authority Always Wins’

  1. I find this season rather disappointing so far. It jumps around so much. You have about 2 minutes of Sookie, Lafayette and Tara, then it jumps to Eric and Bill, Then to Terry Bellefleur…it’s seems like they’re trying to squeeze too much in a 60 minute time slot. I like the back story of Eric and Pam, although I wish they had kept to the book with Pam’s story. In the book Pam was an English noblewoman promised to marry a man she didn’t know or love and Eric saved her from that fate. In True Blood she’s a Madam. Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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