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Authority Always Wins Clips

HBO has been kind to all us Truebies and has released a few clips for tonight’s new episode of True Blood: Authority Always Wins.

The first gives us all a little insight into the Authority headquarters, as Eric, Bill and Nora are led to lock up by none other than Authority member, Salome.

Perhaps Eric and Nora should have kept their pants on and they wouldn’t be in this pickle, huh?

The second shows the aftermath from Tara being turned into a vampire. Or at least it shows the path of destruction she leaves in my kitchen. I must say, perhaps someone should just burn the thing down and be done with it.

Can’t say I’m particularly thrilled about having my kitchen turned upside down, though I suppose Lafayette can attempt to train Tara to act as a sort of blood tracking vamp and maybe she can find any spots we missed? Or even better, maybe she can lead us to Jesus’ missing body?

Well, obviously not much was revealed by these clips, though it is fun to speculate. Feel free to toss your own speculations below and don’t forget to tune into True Blood tonight on HBO at 9/8c.


One comment on “Authority Always Wins Clips

  1. We finally meet the shadow government.

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