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Not the Same…

tumblr_ln8sqigKxE1qbhf7do1_500Her eyes open sleepily as the first rays of the day crept through the living room window. Stretching, she groans as her mind registers just how uncomfortable the couch could truly be. Frowning, she stands and slides her feet into house slippers before heading towards her bedroom. Carefully slipping into the dark bedroom, she leans back against the door, eyes shut despite the blackness that surrounded her.

She knew he was nearby. Just a few simple steps and she could curl up next to his cool, familiar body. Sighing, she knew she must resist the urge.

This was not Eric. Not MY Eric. This is some stranger in an Eric costume… a really good Eric costume.

She’d seen a flicker within him the night before. Some small sliver of hope that somewhere, the Vampire she loved still remained. She almost wished she could read his mind. A thought that rarely crossed her mind, but in this situation, she wished his mind wasn’t a closed off vault of knowledge and thoughts. Besides those few random thoughts she managed to pluck out his head, her only link to Eric was their bond.

Fumbling for the light, she blinks several time so her eyes adjust. Looking at his still figure on the bed, her heart begins to ache for him.

How long had it been since we had last been together?

Leaning her head back against the door, she sighs. She couldn’t believe that just a few short evenings before they had been wrapped in each others arms. Making her way to the closet, she removes one of her winter shirts and a pair of her work pants. Even though it was May, the temperature had dropped and she wanted to be warm. Normally, she would have changed right there, but somehow… now… things were different.

He says he’s still the same… but he’s not…

Getting dressed, she looked at reflection in the mirror and wondered if makeup would help cover up the clear signs of her restless nights of sleep… her sadness radiating through her eyes. Sometimes she wished she was a Vampire. Vampires had the practice and ability to have complete control of their expressions. What she wouldn’t give to be able to have that kind of control.

Grabbing her favorite brush, she runs it through her hair. Watching as the bristles runs through it until it’s wavy and soft. Reaching for a hair tie, she pulls her hair into a tight ponytail. Using the brush to smooth it before securing it into place with the tie. Putting on a little bit of makeup, she studies her reflection once more.

It’s an improvement. Thank you CoverGirl.

Making her way back into the bedroom, she pauses alongside the bed. Leaning down, she brushes her lips against his, her fingers moving to stroke his cheek. He may not be the same, but he was still Eric and she loved him. This situation was painful for her, but she wouldn’t… couldn’t abandon him. Kissing his forehead, she retrieves her cell from the nightstand and slips back into the hallway.


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